Cairo Capital of Egypt

Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital, is set on the Nile River. At its heart is Tahrir Square and the vast Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities including royal mummies and gilded King Tutankhamun artifacts. Nearby, Giza is the site of the iconic pyramids and Great Sphinx, dating to the 26th century BC. In Gezira Island’s leafy Zamalek district, 187m Cairo Tower affords panoramic city views.

Area: 3,085 km² / Elevation: 23 m / Weather: 27°C, / Wind S at 18 km/h, 25% Humidity.

Top Ten Things to See and Do in Cairo

1. Giza Pyramids

The Giza Pyramids are among the most popular landmarks in the world and they lie just outside Cairo. As one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, these pyramids attract tourists from all over the planet. The pyramids are among the most recognizable symbols of Egypt and attest to its remarkable past. Out of all the things to see and do in Cairo, you can’t miss this.

2. Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum contains more than 120,000 artifacts from Egypt’s ancient past. No trip to Cairo is complete without perusing the extraordinary artifacts, many of which came from the Valley of the Kings. As one of the most revered museums in the world, you’ll find its extensive collection of antiquities fascinating.

3. Nile River

The Nile River is the longest in the world. Many visitors are excited to view this fabled river, which has sustained civilizations for thousands of years. Enjoy a dinner cruise or take a felucca down the river to experience this vital waterway up close.

4. Khan el-Khalili

Khan el-Khalili is a famous Egyptian bazaar and souq in the historic center of Cairo, Egypt. The bazaar district is one of Cairo’s main attractions for tourists and Egyptians alike. It is also home to many Egyptian artisans and workshops involved in the production of traditional crafts and souvenirs.

5. The Sphinx

The Sphinx is a riddled monument located near the Pyramids of Giza. This ancient marvel is a must see if you visit Cairo. The enormous sphinx features the body of a lion with a human head, all carved out of a single ridge of limestone. This remarkable emblem of Egypt is an essential photo-op when in the Egyptian capital.

6. The Hanging Church

Popularly known as the Hanging Church, Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church is Cairo’s most famous Coptic church. It is named for its location in Cairo’s Old City where it sits above a gatehouse of an ancient Roman fortress. The church is invariably an important stop on historic tours of the city.

7. Saqqara

With its pyramids and tombs, Saqqara served as an important burial place for the ancient capital of Memphis. The archaeological site, which includes the famed Pyramid of Djoser, is situated nineteen miles from Cairo. Present excavations are still uncovering mummies and other important artifacts.

8. Cairo Tower

The Cairo Tower – commonly known to locals as “Nasser’s Pineapple” – is a free-standing concrete tower in Cairo, Egypt. At 187 m, it has been the tallest structure in Egypt and North Africa for about 50 years.

9. Museum of Islamic Art

With its extraordinary array of artifacts, the Museum of Islamic Art showcases works from a range of historic periods spanning 1400 years. Pottery, metal work, textiles, manuscripts and other important Islamic treasures are on display here. Anyone interested in the art history of this region will want to check out its various collections.

10. Salah El-Din Citadel

 Located in the Islamic region of Cairo, the Salah El-Din Citadel was constructed near the end of the 1100s. This medieval Islamic fortification contains various mosques, museums and historic sites, making it the perfect place to spend a day exploring. It’s hilltop setting makes for impressive views of the city. Consider this one of the essential things to see and do in Cairo.